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 What are we learning in the ART ROOM?
You can also see images of what we are creating on INSTAGRAM.  Follow Andrea Novak at MHGartroom.

Kindergartners are working on shape and line.  
They are using these elements of art to create pumpkin patches.  
*tell you about the shape, color and texture of pumpkins.  
*tell you about how to make a field look like it is going back in space; by using lines, size, and overlapping.
*use white oil pastel to create highlights on objects and also use paint and the oil pastel wax as a resist.
First Grade

Will meets Oakland Schools Superintendent of Educational Services, Dr. Yocam.  Will had his work displayed in Dr. Yocum's office for the month of December.

First Graders are learning about LINES, 2-D and 3-D.
Students, of course, can see lines but did you know you can hear lines, too?  Ok, well... maybe you can't hear them BUT when artists listen to music they can interpret the way they think that music would look.  That is the amazing thing about the arts: you can make the impossible-possible by using your imagination.  
Students are learning that other artists do this, too!  Be sure to ask a 1st grader about Wassily Kandinsky (and if you can't say it, they can help you with that too!!!)

Drawing lines, painting lines, and even sewing lines!

Image result for wassily kandinsky
Wassily Kandinsky, 1930

Second Grade


Students worked on researching the architecture of the world!  Students are created buildings out of basic shapes. These fantastic city drawings were turned into mask sculptures.  Second graders went on a "city parade" through the school and made a special stop in the Kindergarten classrooms.  

Now, students have been working on taking those 2-D shapes used in drawing buildings and transferring them into 3-D sculptures.  Students first were divided into teams to find solutions to a "Maker's Challenge": how do you connect 2-D shapes into 3-D sculptures without using tape or glue.  
Tricky... but THEY DID IT!


Third Grade
Third graders are BOLDLY going where no human has gone before.  They are scientifically documenting their discoveries in their scientific notebook and are recreating the solar system and world they have discovered (planet, moon, star...) as well as the plants and creatures that live there.  
Third graders were inspired by the scientific documentation of the invented world, Pandora, from the movie AVATAR.   

The papers being created below will be used to recreate the planets, stars,moons, and suns
 found in their solar systems.

Third graders are learning different methods for copying things from nature in a realistic way.  Students have learned to draw trees using THICK, MEDIUM, and THIN lines and then also using 'V's'.  Creating trees in the 3rd dimension; these paper bag sculptures; helps student review and transfer what they have learned about drawing trees, 2 dimensional.  Students were able to decorate their trees in ways that celebrate Halloween or the fall harvest season.
Student small groups explore the concept of PERSONIFICATION by matching the emotions of people with the perceived "emotions" of trees.  Students identify personification in picture books such as The Giving Tree, The Stinky Cheese Man, and How are you Peeling?
Students also created their own personified objects in a quick draw.
Small group critiques held after a "gallery walk" where all
students presented their "pre-test" tree drawing and their practice
sketches created "plein-air" (outside).
Fourth Grade

Fourth graders are creating personal designs demonstrating their knowledge of line, shape, pattern, repetition, visual rhythm, color unity, and creating a balanced composition.
Fifth Grade

Fifth graders will be exploring the 7 elements of art this year, as preparation for Middle School art classes.  
We are beginning with line and shape.  Due to our building work on Growth Mindset, students are becoming more aware of some of the limitations that people face and yet persevere.  Fifth graders are exploring the idea of drawing with limited sight.  We have created blind contour portrait drawings and now are bending wire to match the lines created to map our faces.  Students are given choices in mediums and  how they will use them to create a completed artwork either 2-D or 3-D.

After creating the blind contour portraits, students are now exploring the difference between REALISTIC and ABSTRACT.  After drawing facial features using both techniques, students used the app. Orange Camera to manipulate and "abstract" their portraits even further.


This school wide sculpture is really taking shape!  We can't wait to display this very meaningful piece outside our school office.  Look for it soon!!!
3rd and 4th graders GO CRAZY for snake baby tube weaving!  Students were so excited each week to bring in their creations and measure them from the art room to the cafeteria AND BEYOND!!!
Fifth Grade Graduates!!!  

 Fifth grade "Cone Characters" were displayed for graduation.  Each student created a character, anything they could imagine, formed in clay on an 8" cardboard cone.  The creativity in these pieces was AMAZING!  Thank you for such a wonderful 6 years! You will always be WILD CAT CHAMPS!!!
Kindergarten, 2015
Kindergarteners have been working on seeing shapes in objects.  During the first marking period they completed these pumpkin landscape drawings/paintings and have also made pizzas with shapes cut from paper and drawn on a topping menu.  We will be working into using shapes to draw animals and people in the second semester.
First Grade
Second Grade



Third Grade
Ask a third grader about PERSONIFICATION. 
 These paper bag tree sculptures help students transfer what they have learned about drawing trees, 2 dimensional, into what trees look like as 3 dimensional forms.  Artists were able to decorate their trees in ways that celebrate Halloween or the fall harvest season.

Fourth Grade

Students have been learning about the creature designs of the artist Jim Henson.  After watching "The Making of the Dark Crystal" students gained inspiration to create their paper creature designs.  This project allows for so much individual choice and expression from each 4th grade artist.  Their imaginations really show when they explain why they have constructed each feature of their invented design.  Finished designs are COMING SOON!!! watch for blog updates!
Fifth Grade
Fifth grade artists have been learning about the 7 Elements of Art and Design.  The projects you see displayed here contain mini-artworks that each student created to illustrate one of the elements. 

Our next project is a nice project for fifth graders because it deals with Personal IDENTITY.  Each student has been enjoying using symbols to communicate what they feel best represents them as individuals.  They have also spent time interpreting personal narratives created by other artists, inventing their own written stories to go with a particular artwork.
Fifth grade small group presenting their written story to describe a visual narrative artwork by James Christensen.

Projects from the 2014-2015 School Year

March-Spring Animal Puppets

February, 2015 - Kindergartners have been working on using shapes to draw animals.  We are beginning work on Spring animal puppets and have just finished animal paintings inspired by BLUE DOG, a very famous dog created by George Rodrigue.

January, 2015 - Kindergarteners have now learned about the PRIMARY COLORS.  Through a wonderful story called Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh students learned how to mix and create new colors/ SECONDARY COLORS.

October, 2014 - Kindergarteners have been learning about LINE and SHAPE and how to apply these elements to a self-portrait.

First Grade

February, 2015 - First graders created self portraits showing themselves exploring space or the deep sea. 
First Graders CAN: draw a self-portrait using lines and shapes and different measuring techniques to make themselves look more real.

First graders have created a three-dimensional LINE EXPLOSION in the hallway outside the music room!!! 
After mastering the use of various lines two-dimensionally, students have now explored how to take 2D paper and manipulate it into a 3D sculpture. 
"I CAN use fringe, bending cylinders, curls, and fan-folds to create a 3D paper sculpture."

November, 2014 - First graders are drawing and painting surreal birds while demonstrating their understanding of LINE variation.

Sorry, you'll have to turn your heads on this one.
Blogger was not cooperating with me.  Oh well, I guess artists need to look at the world in a different way so...

Second Grade

February, 2015 - "My City" Paintings

December, 2014 - Dr. Seuss Inspired Sculptures

November, 2014 - Second graders are exploring shape in abstract relief (pop-out) paintings/collages.

Third Grade
February, 2015 - Joan Miro Inspired Small Moments

December, 2014 - Warm and Cool Personified Trees

October, 2014 - Paper Bag Tree Sculptures

September, 2014 - Third graders have been learning different techniques to draw realistic trees outside in Plein-Air.

Fourth Grade 
February- Fourth Graders use PATTERN, CONTRAST, EMPHASIS, AND RHYTHM to create a design of their choice.

December/January - Fourth graders have explored the life and work of artist/master puppet maker, Jim Henson(creator of the Sesame Street and Muppets characters).  Viewing the creation of Henson's movie The Dark Crystal, holding discussions about creature development, and leaning a variety of paper manipulation techniques helped students gain inspiration for the creation of their own creature sculpture.  The main challenge of this assignment was teaching students how to make 3D details without drawing, only using shadows. 

Fourth graders are deconstructing "Master works" by artists ranging from Degas to Modigliani.  They have pulled the positive space-subject/object from the negative space-background area and are creating parodies with subjects of their own.

Sammy B.

Cameron H.

Tony N.

Fifth Grade
January, 2015 - Michigan Landscape Paintings

October, 2014 - Fifth graders have been learning how to create the illusion of FORM in an artwork by using the elements LINE and VALUE.  Students are also continuing that exploration into creating an illusion of space in a short exploration lesson of their choice.

Recognized for being the 3rd grade People's Choice Winning Artist at the Walled Lake K-12 Spring Art Exhibition.  McKayla was recognized at the board meeting on October 9, 2014.

Hope you had an AMAZING Summer!!!

At the Student Council Pancake Dinner, David Moshcovich's family bid on an art lesson with Mrs. Novak.  David wanted to learn how to create a self-portrait in the style of "Mine-Craft". 

Magnets and Catalogues were delivered! 
Orders are placed!  Items will be delivered to
M. H. Guest around May 1st!
 Display My Art
Orders placed for this fundraiser will be delivered prior to Mother's Day! 
For more information, go to
or call 1(800)394-2090 ext. 7610
or contact Mrs. Novak

Fifth grade Michigan Landscapes

Fourth grade "graphic designs"

Third grade Warm and Cool Trees with Mood

Second grade Still-life flower arrangements

First Grade Astronauts and Deep Sea Divers

Kindergarten Fish

Wall of Stars

Art Gallery Winners, Winter 2013-2014

Breakfast Recognition Held Friday January 10th, 2014

ESC Mini K-12 Art Exhibit

Recognition at the Walled Lake School Board Meeting Held January 9, 2014

 Student Work

1st Graders created Zendalas or Zentangles applying their understanding of line variety.
Student artwork is on display and is inspiring all our "Guest Artists", K-5 to add their own lines to a Mary Helen Guest Community Zendala design. 
Kindergarten Robots
Our newest M. H. Guest artists CAN:
*Draw lines
*Draw and cut shapes
*Use shapes to create a basic robot body
... and soon will be learning about how to draw our bodies and faces.

4th graders have explored the joys of mixed media art and creating clean/neat designs (craftsmanship).  The project that allowed for this exploration to take place was the creation of a "Book Beast" bookmark. 
Fifth graders are concentrating on mastering their understanding of the 7 Elements of Art and Design.  So far they have explored LINE and SHAPE.  Sounds simple, right?  LINE and SHAPE are the "element super-heroes".  Don't underestimate them.  Students used simple free-form/organic shapes to create these still-life compositions.

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