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Here are some new FREE apps. for you to explore:
Stop Motion                                  Art of Glow
Art Set                                   Text Camera
Pottery                Emoticon.s&Emoji Keyboard
Percolator            WikiArt-Encyclopedia (research artworks with a parent, please)
Toontastic                             Tayasui Sketches
Chatter Pix
Pop Art Me
Scroll down to see how our 2nd graders will look in 2049!!!  2nd graders have created trip-tychs (3 panel art pieces that tell a story) showing something important from their past, something they are especially good at in their present, and then what they will look like doing what they dream of in their future.  We used the app "Aging Booth" to travel in time...
click on an image to "zoom in"

Be sure to BLOG me and let me know what you think  (see bottom of this page) or share a "creation" with me at


2014-2015 School Year

Stop Motion Video
"Douglas and Tess"
Created by Lucia Galdes
(If you enjoy this film and would like to create your own at home, download the app.

Beginning of the School Year Power Point Presentation
At the start of this school year first through fifth grade engaged in a conversation about "WHERE OUR IDEAS COME FROM" or, in other words "INSPIRATION".  The sample below was taken from the presentation I used to help them SEE examples to help expand their thinking.
ENJOY!!! but remember *Parents, always use your discretion with technology.  The links below will not work in this BLOG so if your child wishes to further investigate one of the artists mentioned... you may want to make sure the site is "OK" (I always check prior to showing the students but we all know how new adds can pop up out of no where).

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